Analytics and Brand Strategy

Many small and medium-sized firms are challenged for resources to develop business strategy, and to develop the plan to execute strategy.  We provide the resources needed to accomplish these critical functions via a very cost-effective on-demand model.


Our strategy services are deeply rooted in quantitative analysis.  We’re extremely adept with all forms of data, whether from internal or external sources, and have research partners to facilitate acquisition of any additional data required. 


We leverage these data sources to generate a range of outputs.  These outputs include strategic category reviews and current and projected market value.  They also identify category gaps and opportunities.  This process systematically reveals where and how a brand can redefine its category proposition, or redefine the category proposition. 


All of this is converted into the plan that accomplishes significant brand growth in an accelerated time frame.   This plan touches all parts of the commercialization process, from channel to price to promotion and awareness programs.